Keeping your Head in the Game with Low Level Noise

Photo credit: George Eastman House, Creative Commons

Photo credit: George Eastman House, Creative Commons

Some people get their best work done in libraries, cafes, and other bustling places. It turns out that there’s been lots of research done about this, and in kind, some websites are out there with convenient, appropriate noisemakers for telecommuting or muting out your office mates.

Here are a few good ones for you to try out!

Rainy Cafe – Play the rain, play the cafe, play a custom mix of the two.

Noisli – Even has a distraction-free text editor, the ability to mix/match sounds, and a great palette of changing colors.

Rainy Mood  – Click on “Today’s Music” to hear the rain and a musical selection (entire album) at the same time.

Ambient Mixer – Tons and tons of sounds to choose from.

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