Take Time to Save, Protect, and Develop Passwords

Key To My Kingdom

I saw a funny joke about passwords today. Passwords are like underpants: you shouldn’t leave them out for everyone to see, you shouldn’t share them with friends, and you should change them frequently.  I do have most of mine memorized, but then again, I also have many that need frequent changing and that protect sensitive information. It’s important to have different passwords for all your accounts– good passwords that can’t be guessed. Here are two great tools I’ve found for managing the most important aspects of passwords.

Generate a Good Password

Print yourself one of these password cards and generate passwords from there. This site generates completely random combinations of symbols for these, and yours will be unique.

Keep Those Passwords Safe

LastPass acts as a gateway, allowing you to save those impossible to remember passwords and login with just one key password to all of your stuff.

What are you using to protect your passwords for home and business? What do you like about it?

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