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I just read a great article on Flyte’s blog about a blog post nailing a business to business sale. It got me thinking about how, boy howdy, that’s just what I’m doing here! It’s also what a few of my clients end up asking me about from time to time. I tell them that heck yeah they should have a blog, a well written one, too- one that sells their stuff.

I’m going to be brutally honest. I write a blog post now and again so you can hear my voice and see my writing chops. I also get to share important information that I think will be useful to you as an admin or as a person who employs an admin, and I always hope I’m starting good conversations.

If you think of your website like a swiss army knife and like your business as the thing that tool can work to improve, one blade you pull out is your “contact us” page. Another is the landing page, on which someone can find how to contact you, what you do, and what to do next (invite to action). So what’s the blog in this Swiss army knife of ours?

I can tell you very quickly what it’s not: it’s not something to put a copywriter on who isn’t very familiar with your voice and branding. It’s not something to put the first post on and then ditch forever (please take it down). And it’s not something you “need.” You can get along without it if you can’t generate content for it.

More importantly, you should focus on what your blog can BE. Like I said- it can be helpful, sales-oriented, and informative about both your product and your customer service. All the while, you’re building this massive bank of words, industry-specific words that pump up your placement in search engine results. You thought you were just having fun, and it turns out you were turning into an SEO expert.

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