Everyone’s Got a Coach. Do You Have a Mentor?

busyI see a lot of people coaching everyone. And I mean everyone: they’re really just hollaring sunshine into the ether and giving opinions within 140 characters. Stuff that’s like, “Let’s get goin’ guys, let’s punch this day in the FACE!”

Some people make money at it, and those people, at least some of them, have something probably very real and wonderful to offer their “audiences,” as we’ve come to call them. Honestly, I think they’re keeping themselves busy sometimes and they’d like to see you be busy, too. Not necessarily rich, just busy with clients and projects and whatnot.

I appreciate all the wonderful information- tips about organizing or time management, or maybe even finances- that’s available through Twitter, blogs, and such.

So here’s my thought: what about mentors? Nothing can replace the bond of a true mentor: someone who has followed your story, knows what you want and need, and who can really work with you, not just talk at you.

Don’t have one? Find one. Do you have a boss or maybe colleague of days gone by with whom you had a close relationship? Maybe there’s a teacher you could call, or an old friend who seems to have things together for themselves. Maybe you could get a beer with them or sit over a cup of coffee and talk without specific aim to get coaching or guidance. Just chat. You’ll find with these people that you’ll walk away with unbelievable perspective that beats advice.

I realize through this that I’m kind of giving advice. I’ll relay this one last thought, so maybe you’ll know where it’s coming from: I appreciate my mentor more than anything, and though we don’t talk everyday or even every month, and even though we have never really said in a formal way that she is my mentor, I don’t know where I’d be without her. I wish that for you, too.

And for all you positive day-punchers and high-reachers, I like you too. Keep shining, people.